Speed Up Fines

Thanks to the online portal fines can now be processed quickly and efficiently, reducing the lifecycle of a fine to days rather than weeks.

By moving the fines management onto a digital platform, the lifecycle of a fine can now be reduced to a matter of days instead of weeks.

Issuing authorities will transmit the fine digitally to fleet fine only and receive an instant message whether fine will be paid or liability transferred to the driver.

The whole process is simplified and all responses should be received within three days after the fine has been transmitted to Fleet Fine Online.

The faster turnaround time of fines results in less manual labour required for processing, a minimised risk of the escalation of fines as they can now easily be paid on time, a reduction in duplication of activity and streamlined communication between all parties.

Reduce Costs

Moving your fines administration online delivers the huge benefit of significant cost savings. Say goodbye to postage and paper as well as man-hours spent on administration processes; what’s more there’s no risk of escalated fine charges.

There is a substantial cost involved to manually process hundreds or thousands of fines per year. By simply removing the paper and postage required per fine, throughout the fine’s lifecycle (as each fine is currently posted a minimum of twice), there is an immediate cost saving to be made.

Added to that the amount of money companies currently spend on the man-hours required to input the data and process the fines, as well as the added work in posting all of the fines, it is an expensive paper trail to maintain.

By moving your fines administration into an online system, these costs are saved as well as the risk of human error being removed. The lifecycle of a fine is cut right down to days rather than weeks and so the risk of escalated fine charges is drastically reduced.

Go Green

By switching your fines administration system to a digital solution, you can now have one more process that is paperless; significantly reducing your carbon footprint and dramatically cutting postage and material costs.

It makes sense that fines management should be an online process where all parties, such as the issuing authorities and fleet companies, can communicate with each other in a transparent way.

It seems archaic to rely on paper and post with all the pitfalls that it brings including fines being lost in transit, printing of numerous pieces of paper per fine and all costs associated with running the paper trail - as well as the large carbon footprint associated with it.

Fleet Fine Online provides a secure, web-based platform that allows issuing authorities to easily communicate and process fines digitally to fleet companies (rather than waiting seven days via post). Driver details or payment can be obtained quickly and efficiently, significantly reducing the potential for human error and saving both parties’ time and money.