About Fleet Fine Online

Fleet Fine Online is revolutionising the way that fines are processed in the UK by providing a technologically advanced solution to the industry. The unique web-based platform is extremely easy to use and results in significant cost and time savings for all parties, whilst making the fines administration process much more environmentally friendly.

Currently all vehicle fines are processed manually on paper. This archaic system is out of date, open to human error and is often a long and arduous process with data often re-inputted by each stakeholder numerous times, wasting valuable time and money. A huge amount is also spent each year by both fine issuers and fleet companies on the postage, paper and ink that is required to maintain this lengthy paper trail.

By switching to an online system, fines can be sent digitally via a secure platform and received by fleet administrators immediately; significantly improving process times and reducing administration burdens.

By eliminating printing and mailing many more fines can be processed per day and faster payment (usually within three days after inputting the fine) can be achieved.

Fleet Fine Online is a web-based solution that is easy to implement and standardises the fines administration process from fine issue to completion. This new intuitive platform streamlines the current fines processes making fine management much more user friendly and requires minimal human interaction.

Fleet Fine Online is an innovative tool that moves the industry into the 21stcentury, allowing both issuing authorities and fleet companies to work smarter and faster.