All Fleet Services launches INDUSTRY FIRST digital fines management system ‘Fleet Fine Online’

5th January 2017 - All Fleet Services, the market leading outsourced contact centre for the fleet industry, has launched the industry’s first online fines management system ‘Fleet Fine Online’.  Fleet Fine Online is set to revolutionise the industry as it moves fines management processes into the 21st century.

There are currently 2.9 million fleet fines processed per year, across 31 traffic offences, and each fine requires a long and arduous process before payment is processed, involving a huge amount of man hours and materials as well as relying on the postal service.

Fleet Fine Online removes the administration burden completely, saving fleet companies a significant amount of time and money, as well as the environment. By going digital, issuing authorities can communicate directly with fleet companies, reducing the whole fine lifecycle into days rather than weeks; resulting in fines being paid on time and minimising the risk of any escalation charges.

Dave Scobie, managing director of All Fleet Services said, “Our 14 years of experience in the market tells us that there is a considerable demand for an online platform to fulfil the processing of fines. As with any manual method, the current system carries a huge risk of human error with it which this new online platform totally avoids. A huge amount of time, money and effort currently goes into the process that can be totally eradicated with Fleet Fine Online.

We’ve already tested the concept by converting the transfer of liability into a digital solution when we simplified the Dartford Crossing charge from a paper trail to an electronic submission allowing the Dart charge to be processed digitally. That was the first step in transforming fines management and Fleet Fine Online will now revolutionise the whole fines process from start to finish.”

All Fleet Services has re-focused from being a people business that provides technology based solutions, to a technology business providing people to support the digital transformation solutions, and is already working on more products that will be released over the next 12 to 18 months.